Why us

Career & Technical Education

The CTE classes help students prepare for their careers through hands on learning with the latest technology.

Dual Enrollment Program

This program gives students a head start on college and saves money!

Culturally Diverse Community

Our community and schools benefit from a culturally diverse population. Students develop an inclusive world view and enjoy the resulting environment.

Our Mission

PHS will provide an educational environment conducive to the intellectual, emotional and physical growth of its students.


Kaitlyn Tahbo, Member of CRIT Hopi & Mohave

My success is attributed to some amazing teachers that provided a safe environment in a time when we were all so unsure of what was going to happen in this pandemic.I just want to say that the best experience of these past three years of high school has been my peers.

- Kaitlyn Tahbo - Senior Class President

Cooper George, Student Body President

PHS is the best and I enjoy working here with our wonderful staff and students. I love being able to come in everyday, teach my students and see their expressions when they have learned something new!

- Mr. Munoz - CTE Teacher of the Year