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About Ms. Waldo

My name is Dalyn Waldo, and I teach English II here at PHS! I recently graduated from the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Secondary English Teaching. I have taught in a variety of schools throughout my educational experience and I am very excited to explore my first year of teaching here at Parker High School. I am very excited to become a part of this community and all of the wonderment surrounding this beautiful area!

This year will be a learning experience for both myself and my students and I am ecstatic to get started with this, hopefully amazing, year! My goal is to incite your child to love learning, spark their passions, and give them tools to find their own way to success and happiness. Whether this spark be through reading or writing, I wish for your child to come to an understanding of the importance of language the impact of words on the world.

My teaching style is based on the concept of “transformative learning,” this means essentially that we start with one perception and link it to a plethora of other ideas and concepts, therefore transforming that perception. For example;

I am very excited to start my teaching career here in Parker and would love to meet you! You are always welcome to call or leave a message through by my classroom phone (extension 1042) in addition to email.