Kaitlyn Tahbo in blue floral dress with blue beaded necklaces

     Greetings, my name is Kaitlyn Tahbo, Senior Class President, and daughter of Vinton and Robin Tahbo. I am a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, of Mohave and Hopi descent. My high school years at Parker High have been inspiring with many opportunities for a cultured environment. Parker High has classes and extracurricular activities that instill school spirit that I was able to take advantage of and learn with my peers and also have so much fun.
My academic success is attributed to my family for all their support and encouragement they provide me, and the 
many helpful teachers that provided the extra support and guidance needed for students to be successful.
     My future plans will be to attend the University of Arizona, or a University in California to major in biology, and 
eventually educate myself to become a doctor in cardiology or dermatology. I thank all who continue to support me every day on my educational path and life journey.