Janet Escorza sitting on a blue picnic table in the sun

My name is Janet Marie Escorza. My parents are Candy Escorza and Mario Martinez. I have 7 siblings, Joe, Danielle, Mike, Ricky, Jasmine, Dean and Aaliyah. I was born in Uvalde, TX. I have moved between Texas and Arizona. I attended Blake, Wallace, and Parker High School since my Freshman year. I have received a lot of support from my family and faculty here at Parker High. I work hard to succeed. I can’t accept failure. I believe you must work hard for what you want. I enjoy drawing. I have participated in the S Club, the Art Club and Police Explorers. I want to start my own jewelry business when I graduate. I’ll be attending AWC after graduation. I plan to get a degree in Business Manage-ment and Administration. One day I hope to travel and explore different cultures; maybe even take my Mom to Paris. Life hasn't been easy growing up but I have had a good example and try to follow in her footsteps. My great-grandmother Juanita was the person in my life that always encouraged me to do better. My belief is “If I can do it, you can too. Never give up on your life’s dreams”.