Lili on campus with the courtyard in the background. She has long, wavy dark hair, brown eyes, a smile and a flannel plaid jacket over her school uniform shirt.

Hello, my name is Liliana Padilla but most people know me as Lili. I am honored to be the Student of the month for February. I am the daughter of Jose Jimenez and Martha Padilla and a proud senior at Parker High School. Through these past three years I have changed my mind about what I want to study and where I want to go. My plan in two years is to attend the University of Arizona to major in business. I am currently the president of FBLA, which I have been a member of for three years, and I am also a member of the yearbook staff. These years in FBLA have helped me prepare for college, especially going to state regionals in Phoenix. In my four years I have received a lot of support from my teachers and family. I would especially like to thank Mr. Mallinger for guiding me through my junior year by preparing me to be a more professional and mature person. Driving, fixing, and modifying my car is my favorite hobby, getting it as a Freshman is by far my best memory. Lastly, I would like to thank everybody who has helped and encouraged me along the way.